News Update – March 2019

Greetings Divers – Welcome to the first Newsletter from Doncaster Sub Aqua Club!

As some of you will have noticed, the new website is live. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out, here is the link: We still need to put lovey mugshots of the committee and instructors on there, but it is definitely an improvement on the old one!

You will notice that the news page is linked to Facebook, this means that events from Facebook automatically show up on the webpage. This is one of the reasons all our pool nights have been put on Facebook as events. (The other is to stop the “Is it a pool night?” messages on WhatsApp every week).

Facebook Marketing is starting to take off, Our Try-Dive post has now reached over 1,500 people and growing every day.

Diving Dates for the Diary:

  • 16th March – Some members are going to Eight Acre Lake for a kit-check before the season kicks off. Contact Dave English if you and your buddy want to join in.
  • 17th March – DSAC students and branch instructors are taking part in the regional Sports Diver and Dive Leader training day at Eight Acre. If interested, contact John Barton our Yorkshire Regional Coach on or 07765 022124. Cost is £35.
  • 24th March – Lee Yoxall is organising a trip to an in-land site, possibly Stony Cove or Capernwray. Get in touch if you want to join in.
  • 30th March – Boat Handling Course with the practical on 13-14th April in Whitby. It’s not too late to book! Contact Dave English for details.
  • 7th April – Day trip to Eyemouth. Either wreck or scenic diving (max 25m). Contact Lee Yoxall for details.

Social Dates for the Diary: 

  • 27th April – Bowling night at Doncaster Bowl. Meet there at 19:30 for a couple of games and head to the club afterword for a few drinks. Contact Sharron for more information.

Other News:

  • A big thank you to Sam for taking over as Equipment Officer to free Martin up to get move Involved with the media side.
  • We are in the final stages of negations with Doncaster Council to open Lakeside up for diving. We can then start a monthly (or so) dive in their for FREE! Yippie, free diving!
  • Congratulations goes to Ash and Adam for completing their Ocean Diver course a few weeks ago – the Ocean awaits!!
  • Thank you, Martin, for organising the skip for us. This will be collected next week.
  • All Members will be emailed with a form to update next of kin and emergency contacts. There will be a secondary option if your contact is also a diver.

Finally, a bit of admin – Yvonne has asked that if mistakes are made on the till, press the “FEED” button and circle any mistakes, then ring in the correct amount. That way, whatever is circled can be deducted from the total.

Watch out for the next update in April. In the meantime, visit the website for your main source of club news.

Safe Diving.

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