Congratulations are in order!

Doncaster SAC would like to congratulate Sam Millis on becoming an Open
Water Instructor!
Sam has dived with Doncaster SAC since he was 12.

Sam says:
“I joined DSAC at 12 years of age and have been diving for 10 and a half
years. The club members took me under their wing from such a young age and
not only did they make me into the diver I am, they made me into the person
I am today.

I love everything about diving from the fun adventures to the mental
health benefits it provides; which is starting to become a more widespread

Because of the health benefits and for what the club has done for me over
the years, I decided to show my appreciation and gratitude and become an
instructor to help the club and to help others learn this sport.

Hopefully now, I can carry forward all the great things DSAC did for me
for many more years to come.”

We’re all proud to have another great instructor at the club who has a lot
of experience to offer new divers.


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